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Hotel Segle XX

Andorra Wuau! Hotel Segle XX 3*

Wuau! Hotel Segle XX

Email: booking@hotelseglexx.com

Phoneo: 00376 853 003

Address: Crta de Ransol S/N

Ransol AD100

Canillo – Andorra

Hotel Segle XX

Getting to the Wuau! Hotel Segle XX from Spain

From Spain, take the Ctra. C-145 from Lleida and Ctra. C-16 from the Cadi or Puigcerda tunnel. Once you are at La Seu d’Urgell go to Andorra and when you get to the frontier head towards Francia/Encamp and once you get to Canillo population, continue 4km until you get to RANSOL roundabout.

In this roundabout take the detour on the left and in 200 meters, you will get to the small village of Ransol.

Going past the church and the town square, you will find the hotel on your left.

Hotel Segle XX

Getting to Wuau! Hotel Segle XX from France

From France, you can access by the highway N-22 crossing the frontier by the Pas de la Casa.

Continue towards Andorra la Vella (either via the Envalira tunnel that must be paid or via Envalira port that is free of charge).

You will find the Ransol roundabout (200 m away) after going past the Tarter village. In this roundabout, take the first detour to the right, and after 200 meters you will find the hotel at the center of the village in the Plaza del Pueblo.